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Commercial Asset Management

Jones Tevi Strommen has a dedicated commercial asset management division that handles the whole process of a commercial repossession from start to finish.

We will ensure that you generate the best return on your lending via our services starting with an enforcement through to a sale and completion.

As with our residential asset management, our team will help to identify and locate hidden assets in both Spain and the UK to ensure a swift result for both you as the lender and the defaulting client.

Our team can consider any commercial asset management scenario including voluntary possession of a property, abandoned property and default on a commercial property.

We have a procedure in place to ensure that each property is sold for the best price in the shortest time possible so that your return on finance is delivered without unnecessary delays. We are extremely pro-active in the marketing of commercial properties via global channels to ensure the maximum level of exposure and best chance of generating interest in the short term.

If you would like a property to be let instead of sold in the first instance we will always use best practice via our experienced and established process to manage the rental and recommend an exit strategy in the mid to long term to eventually sell the property and maximise financial return.

Each client and possession of commercial property is unique, as such we will tailor a bespoke plan to suit match your requirements from start to finish – get in touch with our commercial asset management team in Spain today for a free consultation.