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Beating Brexit and Pound To Euro Rates – Invest In Spain

by Carole Exton in Investment, Residential
Since June talk in the property sector has been heavily focused around the Brexit, falling Pound to Euro rates and an uncertain future; largely because of media scaremongering and the majority of people not actually knowing what the future will hold. UK buyers have become increasingly worried about investing their money into Spanish property or have reduced the amount they are willing to spend based upon the exchange rate being at a much lower rate than this time 12 months ago. Instead of negativity and always looking for why not to invest, why not look at some very interesting and valid reasons to invest in Spain now – There really has never been a better time for UK buyers with money in their British bank to invest into Spanish property.   5 Reasons To Invest Into Spain 1. Interest rates are at an all time low in the UK meaning you make 250 pounds per annum on every 100,000 pounds in your bank or just 2,500 pounds for every 1 million pounds. 2. Short term and long term rental demand in Spain is at a record level. This means you can buy a property and have a fantastic chance of generating at least 5-7% per annum on your money minimum.
3. Resale and new build properties in Spain are still at their lowest prices with many Brexit confused vendors taking silly offers…grab a bargain and maximise your investment at both ends. Instant equity, better new build deals than ever and instant ROI 4. We can offer 100% finance on a portfolio of exclusive residential and commercial properties including the ability to include purchase taxes, notary fees and closing costs within a fixed rate mortgage of 1.25% up to a term of 40 years. The benefits of this type of investment are huge – fixed low repayments, no penalty for overpayment, low deposit and much more. 5. Spanish banks are offering more than double interest on savings accounts than the UK – why not maximise your return via a property investment and also earn more by putting some savings into your own Spanish savings account? If you have money in a UK bank and are looking to generate the highest possible yield in the short, mid and long term please contact us today on for an investment consultation.