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The Spanish Prime Minister Promises Brits Living, Visiting and Buying in Spain Will Not Be Affected By Brexit

by Carole Exton in Brexit
We are almost 12 months down the line from the Brexit referendum and the official proceedings for Britain to leave the EU are fast approaching us – this has left many British ex pats living in Spain concerned for the future and also had an impact on British buyers who were thinking of buying in Spain with a percentage of potential buyers feeling in the dark over the uncertainty of the future. It was extremely refreshing last month to hear directly from the Prime Minister of Spain Mariano Rajoy hopeful of a deal being quickly worked out to ensure nothing changes in Spain as far as Brits residing, holidaying and buying in Spain are concerned. “I am absolutely convinced that we will reach an agreement so that these people will not be affected by political decisions,” Rajoy said in an interview with the AFP news agency. “I hope that we will soon be able to tell them: Don’t worry, nothing is going to change for the Spaniards in the United Kingdom, nor for the Britons in Spain,” he said. The negotiations to ensure a bright future for British and Spanish relations are due to start immediately after the upcoming EU summit following Britain making their exit from the EU formal. British tourism and residents are seen as a hugely important factor in the growing economy and tourism sectors in Spain with the Prime Minister “Last year 17 million Britons came to Spain, and we want that to continue,” he said. “They like it, and so do we.” Whilst no one knows the exact future yet it is certainly very promising to hear a man at the forefront of Spanish politics giving assurances to Brits of things remaining the same and the importance of Brits to Spain and vice versa. Certainly things look positive with this announcement. News source